His Eyes

I am lost in a love,

   A window overlooking 

   Undying night skies

   Where I can trace Sirius and Orion even

   Between nebulous monsoons

   Or silent fiery peals.
It roused the music buried

   In the recess of a

   Blindfolded soul

   That sprang loose from fetters

   And burned the mask

   With a melody and


   Ignited by our touch.
It stole the pieces

   Lying beside my heart’s

   Wine glass

   And tossing them away,

   Mending, piecing mine,


   With yours.
It emblemed our memories

   In verse

   On my lips and skin,

   Reliving Shakespeare

   With exquisite gazes

   That transcend

   Ballads and sonnets.
There is no end

   Through the black, stars

   And strands

   By which I could

   Comprehend its


   Its je ne sais quoi.