Almost There

Approaching the pinnacle of a step to another,

Varnishing the distant with a crisper layer,

A conduit to self-sufficiency, and purpose, perhaps,

Of sheepskins and long, straining years and ‘congrats’ and ‘goodbyes’,

Of wisdom and familiar woes,

Of standing tall and stooping low,

Of profundity and trifles,

Of people gained and then lost,

Of time lived and wasted,

Of words said and unsaid,

Of memories delighting and haunting,

Of art inspiring and stifling–

She shudders at it all but stays,

Embracing the monotony with wearied arms

While dreaming and chasing and working hard

For someone else’s unpainted dreams

(Or dreams yet thawed to passion, perhaps, perhaps)–

Seemingly, perhaps utterly, all for naught.




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