the way our eyes locked

and the times we yearned to talk

but didn’t:

bringing half-concealed smiles,  

fleet poundings in our chests, 

and sudden hail of lovely emotions enkindling 

as if a sphere enveloped  

the two of us 

–only the two of us–

with something, perhaps, yet unconfessed. 
in vulnerability we dread 

so that mutual emotions we conceal. 

in rejection and hurt we preempt 

so that honesty we arrest.


something, perhaps, that might have been 

something, perhaps, we fear in breadth unfathomable 

shunned the truth from unfolding 

and dissolved our hopes irreparable. 
but know that it hurts me 

that you deserve better.

know also that despite this, 

I love you. 
it’s probably just me.

because I dove and fell too deep

but you didn’t.
(April 24, 2017)


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