To Be

to be human is to feel. 

and to live even

when it feels like 

you were born 

just to be

an additional

statistic to the

world’s lists

of endless meaning-making.

you do actually live,

you and I.

everything we do,

say, believe, care,

gripe, study, feel

waste, fuck up, write,

kill and sow

every minute of our lives,

regardless of how each of 

our lot chances went

in the genetic and

socioeconomic departments–

all of it lead up to

what we become

and will become.
and to become is to live.

thinking otherwise

is a bullshit

we tell ourselves,

perhaps something

we believe deeply

so that we end up 

living like that.

to be human is to err

and compose a poem 

3 hours before

an exam you aren’t prepared for
(March 29, 2017)


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